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That's it, I finally QUIT.

I am officially no longer a prisoner.

I am officially a bum. (for now)

Today, I had an unbelievable amount of stress that I haven't felt in a looong time.


I really hate it.

I am afraid because I don't know. But sometimes ignorance is bliss.

But time doesn't hold still and what must be done will eventually be done and I will have to face the music of whatever is played out.
"insults flow from arrogance"

how true is that?

and no, I am not following the election, and find the whole system of candidates bad mouthing and redirecting flaws to the other just plain childish, just reading the paper at the moment.

Funny joke ... read this online

A psychiatrist was conducting a group therapy session with four young mothers and their small children. "You all have obsessions," he observed.

To the first mother he said, "You are obsessed with eating. You even named your daughter Candy."

He turned to the second mom. "Your obsession is money. Again, it manifests itself in your child's name, Penny."

He turned to the third mom. "Your obsession is alcohol and your child's name is Brandy."

At this point, the fourth mother got up, took her little boy by the hand and whispered, "Come on, Dick, let's go home."

No way...

:( the Omar Sharif Adelium Swept Peeling Gel is discontinued! :(


I just started using it and it's wonderful.......


the entire downtown is in a hazy cloud of smoke ...

I read in the winnipeg community that Young's trading on William is on fire. Must be a pretty damn big fire.

off topic...

but the expensive face lotion I ordered online, and costed me about 30+ dollars cdn for ... I am using it as hand lotion ! T_T
It's a great lotion.. makes your skin baby soft, too bad it doesn't agree with my skin on my face =(

on another off topic...

isn't it weird how when you don't need something it always turns up and when you need it you can never find it??

Tuesday - Curry Fried Rice Recipe.

I am so sleepy. I am tired at looking at the same old websites. Really. I am so tired right now I feel I can collaspe on my keyboard as I am typing this.

I made fried rice last night which was super yummy so I thought I'd share it.

Everyone who made fried rice knows it's easy to make but hard to make good rice. I know, because I started to try to make fry rice when I was about 18, 20(?) and it always turned out like crap.

But I think I came close to making almost OK fried rice last night.

I should remember this recipe in case I want to make it again.




you'll need:

  • whole shrimp

  • i prefer headless and de-shelled already, but shelled is ok, and well head on is ok too, but i prefer headless, because deheading them yesterday was gross.

  • 2 eggs, beaten with a sprinkle of salt

  • left over rice

  • approx. 1 1/2 cups. I had the perfect amount yesterday. Not too much and not too little.

  • green onions, about 1/2 cup, chopped

  • frozen mixed vegetables,
    I like to guestimate in proportion to how much rice I have. But if you really need numbers ... 1 cup maybe?

  • 3 chinese sausage, chopped

  • pork liver kind is my favorite, (the dark kind!), but it's preference

  • oil for frying

  • 1/2 tsp. curry to 1 tbsp. soy sauce to water to sugar mixture

  • again, these numbers are guestimations for those who need exact numbers. I just used how much ever I saw fit, but I guess as a general rule, don't overdo it on the curry, it should be the least of the 3 in the mixture.

Again, the temperature used on the stove top varies depending on what you want to achieve. But for cooking meats or anything raw, HIGH high is recommended.

1. I deshelled all the shrimp first, and I think I washed them thoroughly after (because the deheading them left lots of guts and crap that I wanted cleaned away) and sprinkled with a touch of salt.

2. heated the wok at high. Once it's really hot, add oil. It's important to start frying the egg once the wok is really hot and not semi hot because the egg doesn't cook evenly or gets broken and messy. So, as mentioned, fry the beaten eggs. Beating the egg ensures it is uniformly yellow in color and not some white and yellow. I wanted bits of eggs in the fried rice so I broke the egg before most of it solidified and scrambled it.

3. You might want to turn down the heat now to about somewhere between med. and high and add the green onions and stir fry them until it's fragrant.

4. On high again, add the chinese sausages and shrimp and stir fry until cooked. You can also cover the lid on MAX or close to MAX (if you don't want to overcook the meat) and cook the meat so as not to constantly stir fry it. I find covering the lid and having it cook is much quicker and gets me more desirable results.

5. Once the meats are cooked, I added the frozen vegetable and added a little bit of water again and cover to cook. This time I want to uncover it when I see steam or the lid gets steamy.

6. Finally add the rice (mixed in with some water if it's really over-night rice and hard)

7. Mix it around so that all the rice gets moisture (from the water) and softens, and everything gets mixed.

8. The curry/water/soy sauce/sugar mixture, should now be poured over the rice and mixed in. I didn't use the entire mixture and that's where i lucked out because the coloring was the perfect yellow I wanted to achieve and the taste was slight hint of curry but not overpowering. Had I used the entire mixture (which I poured the rest out) it would have been gross. I sprinkled lots of salt because it had a mushy taste but was tasteless. Cook on high until most of the water in the rice to evaporates, (which most of it eventually did), and so it isn't a mushy mess of congee instead of fried rice..

It actually turned out quite good.

If you want a bit of spice I recommend some korean gochujang ... goes good with anything!

And it was yum! No exact picture taken, but here's one I found on the internet:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

More recipes to come!...


I need contact with the outside world!
This morning I had dream...

I dreamed I went back to high school! To upgrade!! Phys. Ed.!!! insert look of horror now. So in my dream, I was back in our old house, and my dad and brother were home, I was running late as usual, but I forgot what happened but talking to my dad or something delayed me even more. I just remember I kept thinking I am always late (or have this dream that I am always late for high school morning class and never remember which class it is), and I'll need a late slip from the office (but I got this wrong because late slips were in Junior high, we didn't have any in high school). Anyways, I go to school, and it looks like I am the only one in the upgrading class. It wasn't Phys. Ed. though. The teacher sorta gave me an orientation or something, and a book with two identical-ish flowers (looked like a lily pad) in it and I was to decide which was the better flower (?!). Then the teacher was saying I wasn't the most challenging, or something to that effect, student she'll have today because the next tutee she'll have is some daughter of some president/king of some middle eastern country ... ohhh kay. Then somehow the first day of class became back to my old job ... insert second look of horror... and my old supervisor (biatch) was training me. She seemed saner. And nicer. But what was I doing back there? And it wasn't even my old office, it seemed like some fire escape of factory or something. Yeah. Nice representation. So symbolic. Anyways, I swore, that I'd never go back there, and in my dream I was wondering why I returned? I can't remember the rest or I woke up there.

Either way. Two places I'll never "go back" to are high school and my old office/job.