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I've been on a salad crave lately. I luurve leafy green salads that are sweet, tasty and fresh.
Besides the obvious health benefits of eating a variety of fresh vegetables, I am finding eating meat more and more difficult. Is this the start of vegan-ism for me??! Ahh.. not very likely.. I love seafood and chicken.. not very big on red meat and pork.. but I still like meat too much to cut it out entirely. It's just that I find we eat far too much meat, and not enough vegetables nowadays. Meat is harder for the digestive system to digest and can thus lead to problems like colon cancer as we age.

So without much adieu, I present to you my favorite salads I have had to date:

1. Honey raspberry field greens with mandarin segments, cranberry, and (non-roasted.. the good kind!) almonds - MAXIME's - :P this is the absolutely most leafy green with spinach, and those pointy dandelion type greens salad, with a light raspberry vinaigrette, and sprinkled with semi-dried cranberries, almonds, and mandarin oranges. It was THE best salad I had ever had. No joke.

also , the special Lunch salad. I forgot what is was called but it was very unique. It was a mixture of feta cheese, leafy greens (not the usual romaine but LEAFY greens), tomatoes, nuts, mandarin oranges (? I can't remember, it's been a while), and the tastiest artichokes ever! it was so good I couldn't finish it.

2. Salads from the Fyxx. I love their atmosphere, and I love the sandwich and salads they have. The salads are really leafy greens again, and come with your choice of tasty dressing. I myself prefer the Thai peanut dressing :) The Fyxx sure beats the run of the mill Starbucks.

3. Olive Garden all u can eat salad. Although not the best type of greens .. very cheap ice berg lettuce tomatoes, red onions and such. It still does its job. I especially like the olives :) and the dressing .. it's quite good.

4. Wendy's Mandarin Chicken Salad. Despite the dressing being really high in calories.. it is oooh so good. A mix of ice berg lettuce and red leaf lettuce.

5. Meiji's green salad. The veggies aren't anything special again... but the house dressing... :P oooh to die for. It made in store and it tastes like.. orangey, citrusy, peanut sauce, sweet and tangy .. verry good. Probably not really high on the health scale, but really tasty and makes the bland vegetables (iceberg lettuce, tomatoes , the usual..) easy to swallow.

So next time you want to go out for coffee or a snack, (or chicken wing nite) think about say "let's go out for a salad".. I think it'll be worthwhile to try something different and at the same time healthy.

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