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Dell Computers.

Well I am updating mostly as a public service announcement for all my friends and anyone who happens to read my journal.

For those who are planning to buy any computer or anything from DELL I urge you strongly to not do so!

I really wished I had researched more into the company before I made my purchase with them. Dell was a really good company back in the late 90s when they first started. Great customer service, great computers, and that made for happy customers who happily recommended them to other potential customers.

HOWEVER, go a few years down the road closer to 2003 to now ... with the increase in customers, change in executives who don't know the roots of the company, and a shift to cut costs to accomodate the larger volumes of customers that have surged because of the content ones back in the late 90s and you've got a huge problem ... How to fix it?

Outsource calls to cheaper labor in India. This cut costs, and was a solution to the surge in calls. But what happens? A HUGE decrease in customer service. Reps who can't understand you and you definately cannot understand what they are saying. Reps who can't speak english well. Reps who follow scripted lines and cannot think outside the script. All customer reps all over the country (and other countries) on many different pages and uninformed about many company products, policies, and just in general... EVERYTHING.

How confident can you be in a company that is looking to be a MESS with their customer service and making no point to hide it, how confident can you be in them to spend a grand on one of their systems?

To make a long story short, if you are reading all the negative reviews online of peoples' experiences with Dell's phone reps and customer service .. because I have yet to find anything positive... I have to say: IT IS ALL TRUE. The customer service experience is horrible. Google "Dell Hell" and "Dell consumer affairs", you will get over 2 million hits. No joke. It is all true.

For my purchase I believed to have talked to over 15 reps, and got transferred numerous times. Sometimes to get back to the very beginning only to repeat my story over to another clueless non-english speaking Indian rep with the same heavy accent as the previous. When I ask to speak to a supervisor they transfer me to another guy with a heavy accent who sounded exactly like the previous guy I talked to! OR even worse they will put you on hold for over 30 minutes if you sound at all huffy with them ... just to peeve you even more. And in some cases disconnected.

I ask ONE question and get more than 1 different answer. Each one more confident about their answer than the other.

I wanted to pull my hair out and strangle those East India CSReps!!

I now have an aversion to even calling their toll free number because I don't know what kind of phone hell I'll get into again.

This is my FIRST and Definately LAST purchase with Dell. So sad, that for a first purchase they cannot even make a good impression.

I can only hope after I pay my payment and it's all out of my hair.

I read stories about how even their products are not to par .. with new computers being made with old parts, even though the hardware listing on their purchase is of the newer part.

Cross my fingers.

Therefore please pass this along:


We have to send a message out to Dell execs to listen. So far they are ignoring the online forums that discuss customer service problems with their company. GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE = HAPPY CUSTOMERS = MORE RETURNING CUSTOMERS = MORE PROFIT. Don't forget this equation. Without the customers, they are nothing. With the influx of customers in the late 90s and early 2000 Dell seemed to forget this important part of marketing. Stop referring customers to DELL, if you purchased your system prior to 2003. They are NOT what they used to be. DO NOT purchase from them. Only with a huge loss of profit can DELL learn to improve their existing system. Namely the outsourcing of calls to cheaper labour in India. It has not helped them and us as customer, and it will only ruin them in the future.

SO PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BUY A DELL ... this company needs to learn a lesson.


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Nov. 17th, 2006 01:27 am (UTC)
Re: So what did you buy?
Hi Jay!
I bought a Dell Insiron 6400 notebook, Intel 2 Duo Core Processor (2.16ghz), 1 gb RAM, 160 gb HD. I am using it right now! Got it on Tuesday. I am mostly using it for "non intensive" activities - web surfing, word processing and stuff.. no hard gaming for me :)

The buying process was a pain in the arse (as you read) but it is working fine so far.. hopefully if all goes well, they have received my payment and this will be my last Dell product I will buy, just because the customer service is so bad...

It's funny though after I bought my computer and it's shipped, the times I have called I have gotten to talk to Canadian phone reps only and they have been great, so maybe it's just the sales reps....

Good to hear from you! Say Hi to Natasha for me :)
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