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time for an update

welp, I am procrastinating again. Staring at this computer screen and sitting in this ergonomic preacher chair is killing me, on top of that my nasal passages/sinuses have been hell these past couple of days and it is giving me a headache and sleepless nights. So trying to finish up my ppt presentation at this time and have a hard time sticking to task. Maybe I'll eat... Maybe I will open the window... seems like I have been couped inside here too long (since yesterday afternoon?).

I haven't gone to the gym since Monday and I feel I should get my arse in there today but I don't like the fitness class today. For sure tomorrow I 'll be going then heading there. But I feel like I am addicted to it or something. I must do it 3x / week or more or else I feel ... I am falling back. So it's a good addiction I suppose. Better than some other addictions. Maybe if I get this damn thing done by 4 pm I can head to the gym. It's not hard but I am taking my fine ass time. I am too damn picky about things. Always been my problem... I want to 'perfect' it so I say maybe later when I am up to mental par, but then that always delays it even more... like now. ah Ok. I will get this thing done.. After i go to take a bathroom break first :)

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